Doing business in Russia

Entering a new market is a venture that takes time and requires considerable human and financial resources. Entering the Russian market is no exception to this. Although the notorious bureaucracy and red tape coming with the establishment of a company presence in Russia have been largely reduced over the recent years, operating in Russia still requires considerable adaptation and commitment.

LowLands Accounting Services has been involved in many projects of Russian market entry and we are ready to share our vast knowledge and experience with every new project. From this experience we have learned that the range of forms of presence is often unknown or misunderstood.

Common business structures in Russia

For the purpose of choosing the best fit of organisation presence in Russia, we have prepared an overview of the most common options and their respective possibilities and restrictions, being
  • Payrolling / outstaffing
  • Representative office (RO)
  • Branch Office (BO)
  • Legal Entity (LLC)

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