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LowLands Accounting Services reporting managers commit to providing in-time, high quality, transparent reporting.
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Russian Statutory Accounting is based on informing the tax office rather than business owners, and standard Russian (tax) reporting does not usually provide company management with the needed financial information.

At LowLands Accounting Services however we can provide you with financial reports tailored to your individual requirements in terms of currency, language, frequency and accounting standards.

Which companies is our Management/
Group Reporting service for?

For subsidiaries, branches, and representative offices of foreign companies in Russia.

Clients Cases

Head Office - the Netherlands
LowLands support - accounting and payroll outsourcing, management reporting
Company-size - 150 permanent employees divided across 6 countries
Industry - Agriculture
Head Office - Portugal
LowLands support - setting up a presence in Russia (2 local offices), accounting and payroll outsourcing, management reporting
Company-size - >3 500 employees worldwide
Industry - Manufacturing
Head Office - China
LowLands support - setting up a presence in Russia, outsourcing solutions for accounting and payroll
Company-size - large scale company, representatives in 60 countries
Industry - Supply chain services
Head Office - India
LowLands support - setting up presence in Russia, outsourcing solutions for accounting and payroll
Company-size - start-up/small
Industry - Mining
Head Office - USA
LowLands support - VAT on electronic service providers
Company-size - over 500 employees in USA, Europe, Asia
Industry - IT

What is included in the Management / Group Reporting service?

  • Management / Group reports according to IFRS, US GAAP, your corporate requirements
  • Translation of standard Russian reports from Russian into other languages
  • Adaptation of the Russian chart of accounts to the chart of accounts in use for management/group reporting
  • Full transformation of the Russian accounting to the management/group reporting standards
  • Full transformation with additional reporting for f.i. project administration
  • Fully integrated IFRS module into the standard Russian Accounting system 1C
In most cases Management / Group reporting is an individual solution, set up through a close collaboration between the finance department abroad and our English-speaking reporting consultant. ​Please, contact us directly to receive a personalised commercial offer

Cost of Management / Group Reporting service

Why choose LowLands Accounting Services as your reliable partner?

We helped >1000 foreign companies in Russia
Internationally oriented
From registering entity in Russia to outsourcing of local accounting and payroll
Full support
Our professional English-speaking colleagues are ready to help you
We speak English
Take advantage of legal, logistics, recruitment services via our trusted partners
Accounting and more

Advantages of working with us

As your Russian business moves through different growth stages, support needs change over time. We're ready to go along with you and support as needed, not limiting ourselves to just the static terms of our agreement
Our consultants provide support in many different day-to-day operations for clients in different industries. We are always ready to share our experience and act pro-actively, offering you support beyond just an accounting solution
Broad knowledge base
You receive reporting solutions that deliver information in your preffered formats while being compliant with all Russian accounting standards and keeping a full reconciliation between both reporting standards
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