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Company incorporation
in Russia

Register A Company In Russia and Start Your Business With Our Turnkey Company Registration Service!

LowLands Accounting Services offers a hassle-free company registration service. When starting a company in Russia, choosing our Turnkey company registration service means you can:

  • Save Time and Effort: Our service streamlines the entire registration process when you open a company in Russia. We will make it easier and faster for you.
  • Get Comprehensive Support: Our partner lawyers will handle everything, from setting up your office to completing all the required registrations.

This simplified process allows you to focus on your business, leaving the complexities of registration to our experienced professionals.

Who Can Benefit From Our Company Registration Service?

Our service is designed for those seeking a comprehensive solution for setting up a company in Russia. If you want a hassle-free experience where we handle everything from advising and reviewing necessary documents to opening a local bank account, our turnkey solution is ideal for you. We bring expertise in launching Russian businesses for companies across various countries and industries.

Clients' cases

Head Office - Portugal
LowLands support - setting up presence in Russia (2 local offices), accounting and payroll outsourcing, management reporting
Company-size ->3,500 employees worldwide
Industry - Manufacturing
Head Office - China
LowLands support - setting up presence in Russia, outsourcing solutions for accounting and payroll
Company-size - large scale company, representatives in 60 countries
Industry - Supply chain services
Head Office - India
LowLands support - setting up presence in Russia, outsourcing solutions for accounting and payroll
Company-size -startup / small
Industry - Mining

What's Included in Our Company Registration Service?

Consulting Services:

Registration Process:
Business Address:
  • Legal address or office space in our premises
  • Optimal legal form advice
  • Business financing options guidance
  • Assistance with required documents and information

Document Preparation:

  • Compilation and review of necessary documents
  • Preparation of articles of association and foundation protocol
  • Necessary powers of attorney

Additional Services
Temporary Management:
  • Provision of a temporary general director or management company

  • Opening a temporary bank account for share capital
  • Mandatory registration with tax authorities, state funds, and statistics agency
  • Obtaining registration certificates and the company stamp

Banking Services:

  • Assistance in opening bank accounts in Russia

The price for registering a company in Russia with us is tailored to your specific situation and business requirements. Contact us directly to receive a personalized commercial offer.

Cost of Turnkey Company Registration

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Post-Registration Support
Once your Russian business is established, we assume obligatory statutory reporting, ensuring compliance with local requirements from day one.

How Can We Help You With The Formation Of A New Company In Russia?

Make Your Decision to Collaborate:
If you choose to work with us, we'll create a contract outlining clear responsibilities. This ensures transparency and a smooth collaboration

Reach Out for a Free Consultation
Contact us to schedule a free consultation. During this discussion, we'll review your case and recommend the most suitable company registration procedure.
Company Activation:
  1. Submit Required Documents:
Provide us with the necessary documents following our instructions.

2.Leave the Rest to Us:
We'll handle all remaining tasks and details to complete the company registration process.

Why Choose Lowlands Accounting Services To Register A Company In Russia?

English-Speaking Professionals
Our team of professional English-speaking colleagues is ready to assist you throughout the entire process of company registration in Russia.
Full support
We provide comprehensive support from entity registration to local accounting and payroll outsourcing.
One-Stop Solution
Take advantage of our wide range of services through our trusted partners when forming a new company in Russia, including legal, logistics, and recruitment.
Internationally Oriented
Having assisted over 1000 foreign companies in Russia, we understand the unique needs of international businesses.

Advantages of working with us

Receive reporting solutions in your preferred formats, ensuring compliance with Russian accounting standards and maintaining full reconciliation between reporting standards.
Broad knowledge base
We adapt to your evolving business needs, offering support beyond static agreement terms.
Our consultants have diverse industry experience, providing proactive support beyond accounting solutions

Contact us to learn more about our support in setting up your business in Russia