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A Comprehensive Guide To Register A Branch In Russia

Russia emerges as a strategic hub for international business expansion in the dynamic global landscape. Understanding the essentials to Register a branch in Russia is imperative to navigate this promising market successfully.

This comprehensive guide delves into the details, procedures, and advantages of setting up a branch in Russia in 2024 (note: here and henceforth “branch” means a Russian Limited Liability Company). So before you start your own company in Russia, you must look at this guide and make an informed decision.

Let’s begin!

The Essentials of Starting a Branch in Russia!

Now, before we begin with the documents and other details you need to register a company in Russia, let us tell you some of the reasons and advantages of starting a branch in Russia. Also, we will let you know the types of branches you can open. Here you go with:


Russia, as the 11th largest economy globally, offers a multitude of compelling reasons for businesses to establish a branch:
  • Geopolitical Significance: Russia's geopolitical position facilitates access to diverse markets at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.
  • Government Support: The Russian government is committed to providing a conducive business environment fostering economic growth and development.


The advantages of starting a branch in Russia reveal a host of opportunities:
  • Vast Market Potential: With a population exceeding 144 million, Russia boasts a sizeable domestic market for businesses.
  • Resource Abundance: As one of the largest producers of oil, natural gas, and other resources, Russia presents lucrative business opportunities in the energy sector.
  • Strategic Location: Geographically positioned as a critical transit point between Europe and Asia, Russia provides a pivotal route for international trade.


With its diverse and thriving economy, Russia offers foreign investors many business sectors to explore. Setting up branches in Russia is a strategic move for those looking to tap into this dynamic market. Here are some of the appealing business sectors where foreign investors commonly establish industries as follows:

Import & Export

Given its strategic location between Europe and Asia, Russia is a crucial player in global trade. Setting up branches focused on import and export activities enables foreign investors to leverage Russia's position as a crucial transit point for international trade.

Information Technology (IT)

Russia has a rapidly growing IT industry, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors in this sector. Setting up an IT branch provides access to a skilled workforce and opportunities to engage in software development, cybersecurity, and other IT-related services.


Agriculture is a vital sector in Russia, and foreign investors can explore opportunities by setting up branches involved in agribusiness. This includes activities such as farming, food processing, and export of agricultural products.

Industrial Machinery (Production/Trade)

Russia's vast industrial base presents a lucrative industrial machinery manufacturers and traders market. The country's growing demand for machinery across industries like oil & gas, mining, construction, and manufacturing opens doors for foreign companies to establish branches.

Consumer Goods (Production/Trade)

The Russian consumer goods market is booming with a growing middle class and rising disposable incomes. Setting up a branch focused on producing or trading consumer goods like clothing, electronics, and household products can provide a direct route to tap into this vibrant market.

Industrial Engineering Services

As Russian industries strive for greater efficiency and modernization, the demand for industrial engineering services is increasing. Foreign companies offering expertise in areas like automation, process optimization, and plant design can capitalize on this growing need by establishing dedicated branches in Russia.
And Many More...
The possibilities for foreign investors in Russia go beyond the mentioned sectors. Russia's diverse and dynamic economy allows for establishing branches in various industries, including manufacturing, real estate, pharmaceuticals, and more.

The Procedure for Setting Up A Branch In Russia

Setting up a branch in Russia involves several steps and requires specific documentation. Here's a general overview of the process:


The decision to establish a branch: The parent company's management must officially decide to set up a branch in Russia.
1. Document preparation: Gather necessary documents, including

  • Registration application
  • Establishment documents for the parent company or companies (shareholder decision, and, if applicable, a shareholders’ agreement); this decision also includes the appointment of the General Manager.
  • Power of attorney for submitting papers.
  • Draft of the branch's articles of association.
  • Lease agreement for the branch's office space.
Registration of the branch with the registering authority (local tax office)

Submit the required documents and pay the registration fee

Registration with Other Agencies

  • Register with the State Committee for Statistics, pension fund, social security fund, and Obligatory Medical Insurance fund - this is done automatically by the registering authority upon the registration of the branch
  • Obtain licenses and permits required for your specific business activities.

Open a Bank Account

  • Open a bank account in Russia for the branch's operations.

Ongoing Compliance

  • File tax returns and comply with all Russian regulations and reporting requirements.
  • Maintain accurate financial records and submit annual reports.

Additional Requirements

  • Choose a name for your branch that complies with Russian law.
  • Appoint a General Manager who will be resident in Russia and accountable for managing the branch.
  • Obtain a visa and work permit for a foreign national who will be appointed as the General Manager after the initial registration, if applicable.

Russian taxes, applicable to branches

When registering a branch in Russia, knowing the various taxes is crucial. Here's a brief overview:

Income Tax (Basic Rate: 20%)

Branches of foreign companies are subject to income tax on their earnings at the same rates as Russian-owned companies, the basic rate is 20%. The branch pays this tax. In general, corporate income tax returns are to be filed on a quarterly basis.

VAT (Various Rates: 20%, 10% and 0%)

Branches must submit quarterly VAT returns to the local tax authority by the 25th day of the month following the end of the tax period. VAT rates vary (20%, 10% and 0%).

Property Tax (Basic Rate: Up to 2.2%)

Property tax applies to chattels, real estate, and objects acquired through concessionary agreements. The rate can go up to 2.2%.

Individual Income Tax and Insurance Contributions

Branches report personal income details, accrued taxes and social security charges, and withheld taxes to the local tax authority. Depending on the type of report they are to be filed on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

Other Taxes and Duties

Depending on specific trading activities, additional taxes and duties may apply, such as excise duties, state and customs duties, transport taxes, land taxes, mineral extraction taxes, etc.

It's important to note that the General Taxation System applies to branches of foreign companies, and that the Simplified Taxation System cannot be used for foreign-controlled entities.

Conclusion - Seeking Professional Guidance

In the intricate process of registering a branch in Russia, seeking professional guidance is paramount. A partner like LowLands can provide expertise and support, ensuring a seamless registration process. Their professionals navigate the complexities of Russian business regulations, offering tailored solutions for a successful venture.

In conclusion, with essential insights and proper support, establishing a branch in Russia becomes a strategic move for businesses seeking growth and diversification in the dynamic global market. The advantages are vast, the potential is immense, and with the right partner, the journey becomes achievable and highly rewarding.

LowLands Accounting Services, with its commitment to excellence, stands ready to guide businesses through the intricacies of registering a branch in Russia, ensuring a successful entry into this thriving market in 2024.
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