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Interview Natalia Splyukhina, IFRS Reporting specialist

Hello Natalia, tell us a bit about your background and your career path.

Actually, my life has always been connected to finances and economics. After obtaining Engineering and Economics diploma from the Moscow Textile Academy, I’ve been working in finance departments in big international companies as well as small businesses. For example, before I joined LowLands, I worked for a foreign company entering an IPO.

What is your field of expertise at LowLands?

I joined LowLands almost seven years ago and was happy that I ended up in a great team that supported me and helped me to adapt in a new professional environment. Although my previous background was extremely useful I’ve never worked in outsourcing before, so that was something new for me.

Here at LowLands I am dealing with Management / Group Reporting and transformation of standard Russian reporting according to IFRS

Could you think of any interesting projects you worked on at LowLands?

There were a lot of interesting projects I’ve worked on at LowLands, so it’s not easy to pick out one particular case. I’ve been in charge of new reporting systems implementation, as well as new tools and interfaces for accounting reporting and consolidation.

It’s very interesting to help our clients in the process of standardising their management reporting systems and finding new solutions on how to improve it. I remember the project I’ve been hired for - implementation of the IFRS module in Russian bookkeeping software 1C for a big pharmaceutical company.

What do you enjoy the most in your job?

Compared to my previous jobs where I was mostly doing analytical and technical work and dealing with a document workflow, I enjoy intense communication with international colleagues (CFOs, finance controllers) at LowLands.

I really like the fact that the work here is active and not routine and involves a lot of personal contact with professionals from all over the world. My job at LowLands is rewarding and creative which gives me energy to constantly learn something new and grow professionally.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Well, the most challenging in my opinion is the difference in Russian and foreign reporting systems that clients are using. We always have to find a way to present the data in a convenient way for a client. At the same time the difference in mentality, for example, also can be challenging, however the more you work with different people from different countries the more you gain that experience of international communication.

Natalia, what kind of a client approach outsourcing companies should practise in current conditions?

That’s a very good question, as new circumstances bring new ways for business approach and we need to adapt. We at LowLands strive to become a true business partner for our existing and prospective clients and not just an accounting firm doing bookkeeping. We are more caring now, do consulting and share our knowledge about the market especially with new businesses coming to Russia.

What can I say to companies that are planning to enter the Russian market now? “Don’t be afraid, life is going on. And we at LowLands are looking forward to supporting you here.”
Dear Natalia, thank you for a wonderful interview, and good luck in your work!