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Electronic visa to Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that citizens of 55 countries including China, India, Iran, EU countries, Turkey, Japan, will be able to get an electronic visa as of August, 1, 2023.

The electronic visa or E-visa, is an electronic and biometric visa that grants the same rights as a regular visa. It remains valid for 60 days, during which the visa holder must enter Russia. E-visa allows tourists to stay up to 16 days in Russia. Applicants will have to submit their electronic applications at least 72 hours prior to their intended trip to Russia.

Advantages of an E-visa:

  1. An e-visa is issued within 4 calendar days, including week-ends and bank holidays.
  2. There is no need for any invitations or confirmations. Just fill in the application form on the website.
  3. There is no need to waste your free time or working hours to visit the consular agency during its business hours. The website works 24/7.

The list of foreign states whose nationals can apply for an E-visa can be found on the official website of Consular Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.