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Grigorii Palagin, Auditor / Accountant

Dear Grigorii, tell us briefly about your background and professional path.

Hello, my name is Grigorii Palagin. I am an Accountant and Auditor at LowLands. I have obtained two degrees in Mathematics and Economics and worked as an IT specialist and Chief Accountant in large companies in Moscow. One of my positions was a Chief Accountant at the Rubber Products Factory - one of the city-forming large enterprises in Odintsovo. After that I even started my own outsourcing firm.

When did you join LowLands’ team and what is your role here?

I joined LowLands Accounting Services in 2014. I usually deal with the most complicated cases such as accounting restoration, correction of accounting and reporting mistakes for the last 3 or more years, company liquidation, cancellation of compulsory company liquidation, tax audits, initiative audits, etc.

Could you think of two most interesting clients’ cases you dealt with at LowLands.

The most interesting cases for me are those where you can learn something new about business and people, and where you can provide such added value to a customer that upgrades your role from just a service provider to a business partner.
For example:
– restoration of accounting records for the past 3 years in order to conduct a mandatory audit of a large Dutch airfield construction company;
- correction of tax accounting errors over the past 3 years during the tax audit of a large Indian company.
There were even some exotic cases: cancellation of the compulsory liquidation of an American company, as well as the cancellation of the compulsory liquidation of a foreign sole proprietor.

What do you enjoy the most in your job?

Being able to contribute to the success of our customers, excellent team interaction and the opportunity to continually build our expertise and develop new fields in a fast-changing environment - whatever happens in Russia, it’s never boring and always provides new challenges.

What advice would you give to a company planning to enter the Russian market in 2023?

Drastic changes bring drastic opportunities, the problems of today can turn into the opportunities of tomorrow, and early starters are early winners.