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Transfer pricing in Russia updates

Transfer pricing in Russia

International companies in Russia are subject to transfer pricing rules as they consist of multiple legal entities. If these entities do transactions between each other, they should observe established transfer pricing principles for their goods / services. The same goes for large multinational companies which can transfer goods or services among their members.

Deadlines and procedures in Russia

It is important to note that all transactions with related parties must be reported to Russian tax authorities.

  • May, 20 - the deadline for submitting notifications of controlled transactions for 2022.
  • June, 1 - the Federal Tax Service begins to check controlled transactions. Companies need to provide price justification within 30 days if they receive a request from tax authorities.
  • August, 31 - the deadline for submitting a notification of participation in the consolidated group of taxpayers.

Tax audit risk groups

  • Companies with low profitability or losses;
  • Companies that do not pay dividends;
  • Companies paying significant amounts of royalties or management fees and others

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